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Trout Strains

We offer four special strains of Trout.


Our rainbow trout are the Girard strain of Kamloops rainbow from British Columbia They live twice as long as generic rainbow and grow larger then any other rainbow.


Brown trout were originally imported from Europe. These fine sporting fish have been extensively inbred since their introduction into this country. To correct this, we brought our strain directly from Germany where the species originated. These browns develop the coloration of the wild browns and may live from 12 to 14 years.


We have bred our strain from wild stock. Because they are wild, they are less vulnerable to predation than the average hatchery brook trout. Since brookies are especailly susceptible to bacterial diseases, we have bred resistance into our strain.


Serveral years ago we had 16 albino trout hatch. They bred true, so now we have a unique strain of Kamloop with gold backs, white bellies and red eyes. When mature, they develop a pink stripe on their sides. Their growth rate is the same as regular Kamloop trout which is much faster than other Golden or Palomino trout.



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